13) Interaction amplifies learning

The Johnsons strongly advocate for collaborative work in the classroom because it promotes strong alliances and trust between members, which drives individuals to learn the material and be engaged while performing tasks. They list several options to incorporate cooperative learning starting from occasional group work to multiple classroom sessions devoted to this process.

Instruction is to reach the entirety of the classroom. These researchers have laid out convincing examinations of what the interactive collaborative process can do to amplify learning and create confidence. I saw how students in the collaborative mode for small as well as extended assignments assimilated more information in a shorter period, were more relaxed, and noticeably engaged.

There was validation of effort. I witnessed considerably more attention when a student modeled a problem at the board and in many cases enlisted their classmates to join in on the discussion. It is the intent of this unit to show how group associations coupled with other student-centered avenues significantly augment the achievement level and joy in the classroom.

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