The Power of Trust

It is important that the administration, specifically the principal, create an esprit de corps, or high morale, in the school environment. The students must hear from leaders that the school environment is a special place designed for academic success as well as their growth and development. Furthermore, the students must hear that the most prized resource is the faculty because their expertise in formulating lessons benefits them greatly. Acts of kindness toward all member of the school community including the custodial, kitchen, and office staff is part of the trust contract.

Similarly, the school empowers you to build a trusting relationship with students that embraces cooperation with lesson plan activities and movement throughout the room. Gaining their trust is crucial since it motivates them to perform tasks and is part of the conflict resolution, goal-setting, and stress management equation behind assertiveness training. A classroom that nurtures trust between peers and the teacher is likely to be highly functional and conducive to a joyful learning environment.

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