Media's Powerful Impact

It means that children are going to be affected by the barrage of sexualization and violence flashing across television sets and movie screens. The consequence of these media presentations primes the minds of children everywhere and the more viewing, the greater the primingTherefore, assertiveness in a child can be media inspired. In other words, those that engage in lewd and violent behavior likely saw it role-modeled on television, computer, and movie screens!

The multi billion-dollar media and advertising industry have inculcated representations of humans as sexualized, angry, vindictive, manipulative, shallow, disrespectful, and violent. Screenwriters are outdoing each other, and the stakes are raised every year to escalate the sexualization and violence and grab your attention both in theaters and television. Does it seem reasonable to assume that students come into schools with a sufficient dose of negativity and confusion deep in their psyches when actors role-model decadent behaviors daily?

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photo: children pixabay